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How to identify a Super Simes grain bin jack.

Super Simes grain bin jack information:

Super Simes Jack Identification
  • Manufacture dates: 2000s to present day
  • Original color: Old Cat Yellow
  • BJS refurbish color: Old Cat Yellow
  • Jack base height: 37 inches
  • Gear box style: Indented
  • Linkage: Nut and machined bolt
  • Unique to Super Simes: Tall base with wide base plate and additional anchor holes.

Super Simes grain bin jack identifing pictures:

Etchted base tube and serial number
Super Simes features etched base tube

37 inch tall base
Super Simes features tall base.

Wide, welded base plate with extra anchoring holes
Super Simes features wide, welded base plate with additional anchor hole.

Lift pin pockets on jack lift tube
Super Simes features lift pin pockets.

Tall gussets to protect bin sheets from lift tube
Super Simes features taller, larger gussets to protect bin sheets.

Indented gear box
Super Simes features indented gear box.

Tall lift tube with 2 pick holes
Super Simes features tall lift tube with 2 picks

Simes Grain Bin Jack Indentification

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